Apply a Children Doctor Set to relieve the Strain of Visiting the Doctor

Published: 11th August 2010
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If you have one thing that most children hate, it must be going to the doctor's office. Sure, it starts out easy enough but once your child has his first shots, be done with it!

I can still hear the screaming protest of my daughter begging not to attend the doctor's office. It was not fun, unsurprisingly, to prepare my child to go for her checkups. Even when we did not tell her where we were going, once we arrived, there was no fooling her. Out came the cries and struggling to getting a way. At my wits-end, I decided something needed saying.

How could you make going to the doctor any less horrifying for your child? A kids doctor kit!

When we gave my daughter her first kids doctor kit, she immediately embraced the position bestowed upon her. Apparently, she had been waiting a long time to inflict on us the pain they we had subjected her to. In the kit that we got, there was a stethoscope, blood pressure gauge, syringe and a band-aid -- for when you find yourself all done, of course! She absolutely reveled in playing doctor to dad and mom. Amazingly, she new the routine quite well.

When it finally came time to take her back to the doctor's office she was actually okay with it. Once she was sat down in the room, you know, the second or third room you visit where you actually take a look at the doctor, she looked around and recognized the vast majority of tools from her own doctor kit. Naturally, she thought that she can play doctor on her physician, but that was an obstacle we were more than willing to face.

Finally, my best advice on making doctor trips fun is to transform it into a game. If you are at home, let your child work on you. Once they realize that must be not all about getting shots and pain, you will discover your next trip much easier.

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